2020 Events

During and around Prisoners' Week, Chaplaincy Teams and their colleagues, are busy organising events in both prison and community, liaising with the media, preaching from pulpits, providing material for magazines, meeting community groups, visiting schools, hosting invited tours, and generally doing what can be done to highlight Prisoners Week! Prisoners’ Week Events also engage with prisoners, on the basis that not only is it good to remember those in prison it is especially good, if you are in custody, to know that you are being remembered. Some prisons will have services to which the families of prisoners are invited, offering support also to the children and partners of those in custody. Activities in prison include creating a Prisoners' Week Garden, Quizzes, music events, and various meetings with invited speakers and guests from the community.

Prisoners' Week is but one week - those involved in prison ministry are happy to meet with community groups throughout the year. Below is a calendar indicating some of the activities that are organised. It will be added to as more details become available.

Events 'in the community' are open to the public. Events in prisons are by invitation only.

Sunday 15th November

Online Launch Service 10:00am, Facebook

Zoom Forum 1 — Pastoral Care in Prison 3:00pm, Zoom

Prison Chaplains will be speaking about the support they provide and have continued to provide throughout Covid-19 lockdown in new and innovative ways. Click here to read more and to register for this event.

Monday 16th November

Exploring the theme 9:00am, HMP Kilmarnock

Monday 16th AM – Prisoners Week theme explored at Catholic service.

Monday 16th PM – Prisoners Week theme explored at Worship Service (Reformed tradition).

Tuesday 17th PM – Prisoners Week theme explored at Worship Service (Reformed tradition).

Wednesday 18th AM – Prisoners Week theme explored at the Buddhist group.

Wednesday 18th PM – Prisoners Week theme explored at Muslim Prayers.

Thursday 19th PM – Prisoners Week theme explored at Catholic service

Additionally, Barry Woodward’s DVD will be played on the prisoners DVD channel.

Tuesday 17th November

Zoom Forum 2 — Support Inside Prisons 3:00pm, Zoom

Helping convicted people to unlock their potential to live a transformed life is the daily challenge of prison staff. Click here to read more and to register for this event.

‘Insiders’ — a new drama 7:30pm, Online

‘Insiders’ A new drama about friendship, family, faith and doing time during lockdown.

This production was worked on remotely with prisoners from HMP Shotts, Sam Rowe of Bethany Christian Trust and Dorothy Russell, Prison Chaplain. The production will be performed by actors Neil Leiper (Angel Share and Still Game), Gary Sweeney (River City), Sam Rowe with live music from Steph Macleod and rapper Marc Pawson. The performance will be live streamed here and on Bethany Christian Trust’s Facebook page and Youtube channel on Tuesday 17th November at 7.30pm It will remain available until 23rd November. For further information, contact Chaplain, Dorothy Russell at HMP Shotts on 01501 824071.

Insiders — a new drama

Wednesday 18th November

Zoom Forum 3 — Support Outside Prisons 7:00pm, Zoom

People in prison come from a community and go back into a community. The welcome and support they receive can make all the difference as to whether they reoffend or not. Click here to read more and to register for this event.

Thursday 19th November

Zoom Forum 4 — Support for Families 7:00pm, Zoom

It is often said that families serve a sentence alongside their loved one in prison. Through no fault of their own partners, children and the wider family can find their world turned upside down in an instant. Click here to read more and to register for this event.