About Prisoners Week

About Prisoners' Week

Prisoners Week began in 1975 in England when an ecumenical planning committee was formed with the intention of encouraging people to remember in their thoughts and prayers prisoners and their families, the victims of crime, prison staff and all those working in the Criminal Justice community. South of the border, the week became known as Prisons’ Week.

In Scotland, Prisoners Week was organized initially as part of the work of the Joint Prisons Chaplaincies Board. Now, it is through an ad hoc ecumenical Planning Group - this year comprising of Prison Chaplains, a Chaplaincy Adviser and representatives from Families Outside, Prison Fellowship Scotland, Prison Alpha Scotland, Cutting Edge, Sanctus Media and one of the Prisoners Week Trustees. Due to Covid-19 the traditional Launch Service is virtual and printed publicity material is limited but downloadable resources are available. Virtual platforms are being used to engage people in discussions about this years theme and events are still being organized by Prison Chaplains, often bringing together those in prison with volunteers from local Churches and faith-based organisations.

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Prisons Week in England & Wales

By coincidence, the planning group in Scotland came up with the same theme as that of our English and Welsh colleagues who Prisons Week. Their 2020 theme is 'You Are Not Alone'. Printed resources and videos are available on their website and you may want to use this in addition to the material found on this website. To access Prison's Week information, please click on the web link: www.prisonsweek.org