2020 Events

During and around Prisoners' Week, Chaplaincy Teams and their colleagues, are busy organising events in both prison and community, liaising with the media, preaching from pulpits, providing material for magazines, meeting community groups, visiting schools, hosting invited tours, and generally doing what can be done to highlight Prisoners Week! Prisoners’ Week Events also engage with prisoners, on the basis that not only is it good to remember those in prison it is especially good, if you are in custody, to know that you are being remembered. Some prisons will have services to which the families of prisoners are invited, offering support also to the children and partners of those in custody. Activities in prison include creating a Prisoners' Week Garden, Quizzes, music events, and various meetings with invited speakers and guests from the community.

Prisoners' Week is but one week - those involved in prison ministry are happy to meet with community groups throughout the year. Below is a calendar indicating some of the activities that are organised. It will be added to as more details become available.

Events 'in the community' are open to the public. Events in prisons are by invitation only.