2018 Events

During and around Prisoners' Week, Chaplaincy Teams and their colleagues, are busy organising events in both prison and community, liaising with the media, preaching from pulpits, providing material for magazines, meeting community groups, visiting schools, hosting invited tours, and generally doing what can be done to highlight Prisoners Week! Prisoners’ Week Events also engage with prisoners, on the basis that not only is it good to remember those in prison it is especially good, if you are in custody, to know that you are being remembered. Some prisons will have services to which the families of prisoners are invited, offering support also to the children and partners of those in custody. Activities in prison include creating a Prisoners' Week Garden, Quizzes, music events, and various meetings with invited speakers and guests from the community.

Prisoners' Week is but one week - those involved in prison ministry are happy to meet with community groups throughout the year. Below is a calendar indicating some of the activities that are organised. It will be added to as more details become available.

Events 'in the community' are open to the public. Events in prisons are by invitation only.

Sunday 18th November

Community Service 11:00am, Calderhead-Erskine Parish Church

Community Service to be held in Calderhead-Erskine Parish Church, Kirk Road, Shotts, ML7 5ET.

Guest speaker Marc Pawson, with worship led by Gemma his wife and friends. All welcome!!

Monday 19th November

Spiritual Retreat 8:30am, HMP Low Moss - Multi Faith Centre

Chaplains in HMP Low Moss are holding a Spiritual Retreat for selected prisoners covering 4½ days of Prisoners Week, taking the participants, as far as possible, out of association with other prisoners and giving them an experience of living in a close, supportive, reflective community for the whole week. The participants will remain in the Multi Faith Centre for the whole day from 8.30am till 8pm. The programme will be varied and will differ each day but it will allow the participants to reflect together on their own lives and issues, share periods of silence and meditation together and learn to build reflection and meditation into their own lives. The input will be from a variety of traditions and backgrounds and will encourage listening, acceptance and understanding. Lunch and the evening meal will be shared meals round a communal table and will be a central part of the community experience. We hope that the Retreat will have positive personal, educational and relational outcomes, leading the participants to a better understanding of the different members of their own families and inner circle of friends, but also to an increased tolerance of other people generally, including their fellow prisoners and ordinary members of their own communities.

[By invitation only]

Production “Who do you say I am” 9:00am, HMP Shotts

Performances of the PW Storytelling and Music production “Who do you say I am”.

This is not open to the public but pray would be appreciated for all those taking part.

National Launch Service 6:30pm, Bridge of Allan Parish Church

You are invited to the National Launch Service for Prisoners Week at 6.30pm on Monday 19th November in Bridge of Allan Parish Church, 12 Keir St, Bridge of Allan, Stirling, FK9 4NW followed by refreshments.

Tuesday 20th November

Production “Who do you say I am” 9:00am, HMP Shotts

Performances of the PW Storytelling and Music production “Who do you say I am”.

This is not open to the public but pray would be appreciated for all those taking part.

Wednesday 21st November

Performance: Prodigal 9:00am, HMP Shotts

Performance of “PRODIGAL”.

We are sorry but this event is not open to the public.

Friday 23rd November

Quiz Nght 7:00pm, HMP Castle Hunty

Quiz night for the prisoners. (Not open to the public)

Saturday 24th November

Coffee Morning 10:00am, HMP Castle Huntly

Coffee morning in the chaplaincy which will be attended by prisoners and invited members of the public

Sunday 25th November

Church Service, Perth 11:00am, Perth (TBC)

One member of the chaplaincy team is sharing in a service at a church in Perth where the theme will be about prisons.