Grant Assistance

Grant Assistance for Prisoners Week Activities

The Prisoners Week Trust, Scottish Charity SCO43431, can make a small number of grants to support local Prisoners Week events run by organisations. No grant will be more than £100.

An Application Form is below.

Application for Grant Assistance to support Prisoners Week Activities

The deadline for application is Friday 15 September.

Application Form

Name of organisation:
Contact details for organisation including email:
Details of the Prisoners Week Event proposed – please tell us what you have in mind.
Reasons for application – please tell us why you are applying for a grant and how you will use it.
For what sum of money is this application made?
What benefits will result from the proposed event?

All applications will be considered by the Prisoners Week Trust and applicants will know if they have been successful as soon as possible after Friday 29th September.

Successful applicants are asked to submit a brief report on the event or activity that the grant supported by 31st December 2017.